Travel Tips

Booking Flights:

1. My number one choice for airfare is, it’s a startup airline search engine developed in Brno, Czech Republic. By far the cheapest flights I’ve found have been through this site and best of all I am supporting a local business. No lie I purchased a flight for $6 USD and this included my backpack carry on. Crazy right?!




2. is a travel search engine that allows you to search any destination at any time with its everywhere feature. This allows you to find the cheapest flights during the cheapest dates of travel from your departure destination, of course if  you have a flexible work schedule and are able to take off at short notice or mid-week you'll probably be able to score the cheapest. I've found that the more in advance you book the better off you are as ticket prices tend to go up as the ticket prices rise. You can find flights as low as $30 than again it depends on your departure location and time of travel. Playing around with departure dates and locations helps lower costs. If you find a good deal don't hesitate book it chances are tomorrow it will go up or the flight may not longer be available. 




3. is the best site to use when planning your travels as it gives you an estimate of how much it will cost whether you travel by bus, train, plane, and taxi or car share. From this you’re able to have an idea what the price range will be when using that specific type of transportation. They also have a place where you can rent a car and look up things to do during your travels. There accommodation link takes you to my top choice of hotel booking site called




Finding Accommodation 

1. My first choice is to stay with a friend or family member, who lives aborad. Love catching up with people I haven't seen in ages and having them as a local tour guide. Unfortunately I don't have a network of connections in every country, but that could be a good life goal to reach. But my inital go to and personal favorite is Accommodations range from hotels, hostels, apartment rentals and much more.

The thing I like about this hotel search engine is that a lot of the properties have a free cancellation policy as long as it’s cancelled before the date specified on the reservation. I always like to choose the hotels that include breakfast. At a three star hotel, breakfast included for as low as $20 per night where could you go wrong?  At the end of each stay you’re able to leave your personal review and post pictures from your stay. It’s a great way to keep other guests informed about your positive or negative experiences. I do this after all my trips because why wouldn’t you want to not let others know about your experience, after all sharing is caring.Although be sure to read the listing carefully some places for example in Austria may charge a cleaning fee sometimes up to 40 euros per night.

Once you book five stays with Booking, you receive a 10% discount off select rooms plus exclusive travel perks for free. 



2. Another top recommendation for accommodation is Airbnb. Here you can find hotels, bed and breakfasts or regular everyday people renting out a room or whole apartment at affordable prices. By there search engine you select location, arrival and departure date and can tailor the search that meets your requirements, whether it is a private room, whole apartment or budget. Once you find a place you would like to stay you instant book and wait for the host to except your booking. Many hosts are very hospitable and offer you a personalized, comfortable experience. Again be sure to read the reviews and leave your personal expirence as well.


 If you are not a member be sure to click here to receive $25 off your first booking. What are you waiting for? Go book now!




3. If you’re really looking to take the cheapest way out, it’s through As you can already guess from the name it’s a social media network kind of like Facebook where you can stay on people’s couches for free. Well it’s not always someone’s couch, it could also be a spare room or bed in their apartment. I was lucky enough to have wonderful hosts who gave me their bed to sleep on while they curled up on the floor. Now that’s great hospitality.

Couchsurfing is also a place where you can discuss travel, plan meet ups and find out what’s happening in the place you’re going to visit. It’s a great community full of friendly, generous people just looking to share travel stories and build friendships. As all other accommodation search engines you select your place of stay, arrival and departure dates and search for a host that meets your criteria. Maybe you look for someone who has the same interests as you so you have something to talk about.

Once you find a host you would like to stay with you can request them to host you, like Airbnb except this is FREE. Each host has their own profile and should be verified by There you can read their description, hobbies, view their picture and read reviews from past couch surfers. Like all other social media networks it needs to be used with caution, you never know when you can get into a bad situation so proceed with caution and read your hosts reviews thoroughly and always keep someone informed of your whereabouts just in case. Remember when traveling safty first. 



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